Picture Books

The Fabulous Friend Machine by Nick Bland


Popcorn is friendly, wonderful and fabulous. Each morning she takes time to say hello to all of her farm friends, and when she come across the Fabulous Friend Machine, a device that has friends and hellos built in, things change. Popcorn’s friendly and welcoming nature is focused on her new friends, her farm friends notice. In a twist of events, Popcorn learns who her friends really are.


  • What do Popcorn’s farm friends experience when she finds the Fabulous Friend Machine?

  • How where her new “friends” able to deceive her? (anonymity, irresistible messages, immediate responses - hello anytime, anywhere)

hello! hello! by Matthew Cordell


This book looks into the struggle of the loneliness one can feel when competing for attention with personal devices.

  • Ties into the idea that our attention is divided between connections to our devices and connections the real world and how there’s a feeling of loss and loneliness when faced with a screens.

    • What did role did nature play? How did Lydia feel when she stepped outside.

    • How did it feel to see Lydia boldly bringing nature back into her family’s life?

    • If you could put thought bubbles above Lydia’s head, what would they say?

    • Reflect on what the responses of her parents and brother looked like. How did Lydia feel?

It's a Book by Lane Smith


When confronted with the simplicity, the jackass is thrown for a loop. The monkey keeps his cool, despite the distracting questions, until the final moment, when the jackass learns how good a book can be.

  • Ties into the pizzaze of being online and the expectation that there’s a need for lights and sounds to make things interesting.  

    • ​Reflect on the bells and whistles of the online digital world. Is it different, is it the same? How does it feel?

Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey


Thelma is a Pony who dreams of being something bigger and better. She wants to be a unicorn. And magically the stars align and her dream comes true! Follow her journey from simplicity to fame.

  • Ties into the idea of desiring fame, making yourself into something your not, being famous because of the way you look, being faced with others opinions, who think they can tell you whatever they want because you’re famous.  

    • Why do you think Thelma wants to be a unicorn?

    • What does fame look like at the beginning? How does it change?

    • Why do you think Thelma returns to her norm?

    • What would you do in Thelma’s shoes?

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