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April 17, 2017

Exploring how social media can shape the way we view our friends' lives, and our own.


March 04, 2018

From Google search to Facebook news, algorithms shape our online experience


February 26, 2018

An exploration into emotions that can inspire us to become better people — or to commit unspeakable acts.


March 18, 2018

Host Veronica Belmont investigates how social media can create, and can break, our filter bubbles.


January 12, 2016

Narcissism is all around us, and research shows it's on the rise.


January 18, 2016

A personal story about recognizing and breaking out of a filter bubble and a call of all who are currently sitting in an echo chamber to make changes to see the online world as a more complete experience. 


Essena O'Neill broke down and re-captioned her Instagram photos to reveal the truth behind her photos.


Maria Bezaitis makes a bold call for technology to deliver us to what and who we need, even if it's unfamiliar and strange.

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Digital Me: My Digital Makeup

Here's an Instagram story (I have many to choose from). A year or so ago, I wanted to challenge myself to do a handstand IRL. I needed to build strength, balance and coordination. Before I had made this decision, I came across a post on Instagram where someone had shared a video of their handstand progression. I liked it, I may have even commented. I was impressed and so, I did a bit more exploring. Within a few days, handstands were everywhere. It felt like every post I saw was of a woman who could easily execute a smooth and seemingly effortless handstand. With all the impressively positive input, I decided that I too could be an Instagram Handstander and set my goal to give  try. Over the next few week, my handstands improved, but my Instagram feed, filled with highly liked and commented handstand posts, had me feeling inadequate, unfit and not quite good enough. I kept trying, looking for new strategies, tips and tricks, while Instagram endlessly displayed gravity defying feats. Within a couple of months, I took a step back, recognizing that my time spent on Instagram ruled over my time spent on handstands. I did some unfollowing, focused on other fitness goals and left the elusive Instagram handstand behind. 

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